smokeswirls (smokeswirls) wrote,

passion, not love.

There was a heavy flow of traffic the other night. People were making last-minute stops to pick up roses and gifts, or heading to expensive restaurants. On a day like February 14th, people seem to believe that money can by love. Supposedly, the higher the monetary value of a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, the more one is considered "loved." But I suppose it's one of the few days in which one can indulge.

On New Year's Eve 2004, I dined at a local Chinese restaurant with an ambience that resembles a cozy dining room. I received a fortune cookie fortune. According to my fortune, "Passionate new romance appears in your life when you least expect it."

And then on another day, I went to the same restaurant. I recieved another fortune worth saving: "A new lifelong friend will soon enter your life." Or maybe it was "You will soon meet a lifelong friend." I don't remember the exact words as the miniscule slip of paper had silently escaped from my coat pocket last night.
I wonder if fortunes are no longer valid if you misplace them. I hope not.

Oh, and my Valentine's Day was exactly how I imagined it to be...
very unromantic.

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