nylon intern-to-be?

So I possibly have an internship lined up at NYLON magazine. I contacted the assistant market editor, Grace, and she told me to come in for an interview on the twenty-third of this month. I have to go to New York again. The thought of going back to New York doesn't really excite me but I need to grab this opportunity. I need as much experience as I can get. Someone please help me get in touch with Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld!

I just want to be a fashion journalist, editor, stylist. I want to work for a fashion magazine, preferably French. I want to live and work in Paris, but I'll also spend a considerable amount of time in London and Milan. I'd live in a quintessentially Parisian apartment. I'd create a comfortable home full of antiques. I'd build a library with an enormous collection of books (mainly on art & culture). I'd sit on the balcony everyday with a cigarette, coffee/tea and a book for company. I seriously get out of bed every morning to dream about things like this, the future.

summer @ 420 W. 14th St.

The majority of July was spent on the island of Manhattan. I have a love/hate relationship with the city. When I was in junior high, my goal in life was to be a city girl. I wanted to be a New Yorker. Seven years later, I now have my heart set on Paris (or France in general). Not a day goes by without thoughts of someday becoming a resident of the country. When 'France' becomes a topic of discussion, I can go on forever. I shall stop now.

In New York, I worked for designer Tess Giberson. Four times a week, I'd take the F train to the Meatpacking District. Her home/studio is nestled on the same street as numerous boutiques (McQueen, McCartney, etc). My tasks mainly included hand sewing, ironing and running to the factory in the scorching heat. Running around in heat with heavy garment bags was not fun. However, I highly enjoyed the factory once I managed to survive the humidity of summertime NY. I sort of developed a small crush on the owner of the sewing factory, Nancy. Every time I saw her, she was dressed impeccably. It's as if everyday is a special occasion for her to dress up. She's very pretty as well; long almost waist-length honey-blonde hair, very slim, petite figure, sky-high eyelashes, and an accent that I can't quite pinpoint.

Going to Nancy's was my favorite out-of-studio experience. Being in studio was wonderful as well. Eight hours a day, the studio would be constantly infused with the sound of quality music (Gainsbourg, Birkin, Hardy, to name a few). Tess and her painter husband, John have incredible taste in everything. In addition, they are both extremely talented individuals. They both have a similar aesthetic to mine as well as similar ideals about the fashion industry. I actually spent more time and shared more conversations with John. We talked about music and fashion, mainly. John told me to go to Paris because creativity is more enthusiastically embraced there. Of course I will follow his advice.